WELCOME to this web site which is a presentation of works by visual artist Grete Aagaard.
Reflecting my art practice the site consists of a selection of collaborative and dialogue based art projects which include both a researching, producing and curatorial approach.

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 news and selected projects




project & exhibition space, Aarhus  - ongoing


Tracing the Tracks - 25 year anniversary as non profit  exhibition space. Divided into five exhibtions 25 artist and writers are invited to reflect five previous themes and projects.
Publication: Tracing The Tracks - release March / April 2021


Room for Improved Futures

a two year long exhibitin project

organized and curated by Agnieszka Wolodzko, Gdansk and Grete Aagaard in collaboration with TradeTest Site. Aarhus, Imaginary Republic Bergen/Berlin. CCS Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev and Sigrids Stue, Gellerup/Aarhus.

Publication: Room for Improved Futures release March 2019

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LÆSERUM / Reading Room - in rum46

Nowy Port Zyje

Dialogue and collaborative art project: in public space. (2014- 2019)

A long term collaboration with Laznia CCA, Gdansk and ‘so.da’ an engaged group of local citezens in the neighbourhood Nowy Port

production of:

books, benches, bags and especially

the local journal Nowy Port Zyje


Laznia Art Center for Contemporary Art, 

Gdansk PL 2014 - 2019


recycling your herbs

research & experiment

a collaborative project by Lars Henningsen og

Grete Aagaard


model og handling for

alternativ værdilogik

For more info please

go to  www.sigridsstue.dk

In process:

BEYOND VERBAL 2019 - 2021

Sigrids Stue is 1 of 3 partners in this 2 year long EU Erasmus+ projekt  - On art, gender and early childhood education / care. Beyond Verbal  is an exchange and cooperation between preschools, independent art organizations, universities and libraries in SE/Stockholm and Rinkeby, TR/Istanbul and Tarlabasi and DK/Aarhus and Gellerup.

Sigrids Stue, Gellerup ongoing
Sigrids Stue is an collaborative art
project and platform based in the neighbourhood Gellerup, Aarhus, Denmark. With a starting point in the local context and urban space Sigrids Stue develops art projects in cooperation with both local, national and international partners.

Sigrids Stue is working on long-term collaborative project and art platform that include independent international artists/curators coming for long term residencies and collaborations.

Sigrids Stue is active in the area with a residence apartment, a kitchen garden and Sigrids UdeStue - a two storey movable containerhous where we for example run Sigrids Stues Tegneskole/drawing school and outdoor hands on/construction workshop for children.

Sigrids UdeStue

research, Ballygar,
Galway 20202 Ireland

A collaborative project on Place/farmland, language, power and Identity. Together with Ballygar Arts & Media, Ballygar Town Hall and Galway 2020

HaveVærdi/Garden Notes: research and process based project, Gellerup, Denmark
2019 - 2021

a project on gardening, gentrification and how we produce our city and the places where we want to live!

Art in Between is the overall work title for Sigrids Stue acticvities and projects carried out during 2019 and 2020 supported by The Danish Art Foundation