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Reflecting my practice the site consists of a selection of collaborative and participatory projects, ongoing projects and individual works.
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Speak Up! magasinet for mangfoldige ytringer og uens identiteter/ the magazine for manifold remarks

issue no 5_ Speak Up! In The Hood - 
a word wide directory on art projects in public space in varried neighbourhoods/residential areas  - beginning with a presentation and discussion on projects taking place in Gellerup, DK, Chicago and Istanbul.  

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a collaboration between Tanja Nellemann Poulsen, Lise Skou, Grete Aagaard. In close collaborations with museums, educational institutions, organizations and individuals we offer site specific exhibition designs, instal- lations fx. like,
Dianas Daughters
Jagt og Skovbrugsmuseet okt-dec 2011
Kvindemuseet febr-maj 2012
local based project in public space. ET4U -
contemporary Art Projects Vestjylland, DK
2010 - more to see:
Med udgangspunkt i den lokale husmand Peder Lykkes dagbogsnotater fra 1880erne er her udformet en serie på 13 stedsspecifikke bannere til landsbyen Nees, hvor Peder Lykke boede og havde sin hverdag. Dagbogsnotaterne kombineres her med billeder/ikoner samt enkeltord, som  er trukket frem til yderligere beskrivelse og genbeskrivelse. Nees ligger placeret ca 30 km. vest for Holstebro - i det medierne har døbt for udkants-danmark.
Et samarbejde med Tanja Nellemann Poulsen
video, workshop and publication, La Merced, CasaTalevera, UACM Mexico City 2011 - 2012
DICCINARIO - nuestro lugar - mis palabras    La Merced 2012. A participatory and collaborative neighbourhood project. The dictionary is presented and distributed in the local area: in the streets, library, shops, cultural institutions.

The Dictionary is a part of the
ongoing project NEIGHBORHOOD REMARKS: locally  based video and text productions.  
link to:
v. Imagine Reality and Neighbourhood Remarks
a joint art and film documentary project
Convicciones is a interdisciplinary, cross cultural and participatory project. It focus on collaboration and joint production. A part of the project has been carried out ‘on site’ in Ecuador in collaboration with a number of engaged citizens. Convicciones pay attention to questions about identity, representation and change experienced in a country and in a part of the world which doesn’t seem included in the European debate of global  change, development and cultural exchange.
No Lugar EC, 2011 rum46 DK 2012
and the three projects
- Folk og stemmer/Gente y voces
- Retten til at tale/La libertad de hablar
- Deslaves y las plantas imaginarias
here you also find links to three
documentary films
related to the project
SIGRIDS STUE - current
project leader 2015
kunstnerpanorama: -Intercultural mentor network  w. Aabkc
-participatory art projects
-artist-in-residence program
M.U.Ø /
cross disciplinary projects carried out f in collaboration with children and young people living in the neighbourhood Toveshoej and Gellerup. Beboerhuset Tousgaardsladen, Denmark. March 2012 - march 2014
displacement of wildflowers/weeds into a raised bed - in the project
It is not your fault
Kvindemuseet 2010 se omtale
PASAJist art space, Istanbul 2012, 2014
RUM46 OUTSOURCED, march/april 2012  
Exhibition 2014
link to
Investigating the concept and value of cultural outsourcing and exchange rum46 moved their practise to Istanbul for a period of 10 days.
The whole rum46 floor plan was constructed in card board found in the streets of Istanbul – build into a mobile platform for talks, exchange, dinners etc)  
A FEW PROJECTS  2011 - 2010
rum46 - current
Making Social Realities With Books
Speaker and workshop series in co-lab w. Brett Bloom and DJK 2013 - 2014
to come: Learning Socialities
LÆSERUM - ongoing
Preserving Cultural Heritage and Memories of Mandate Palestine
Workshops and developement of a traveling exhibition design based on participation, storytelling, objects  
2013 - 2015
Undersøgelsesrum / Research room
The Women Museum, Denmark
On participation and audience involvement in museum exhibitions
Nov. - dec. 2013
Nowy Port
Laznia Art Center for Contemporary Art,  
Gdansk PL 2014 - 2015
Participatory project: local journal and interventions in the
urban space
FLERE SIDER AF SAMME SAG - en lysavis  2009 - 2015
borgerinvolverende udsmykningsprojekt i Globus1 - multihal i Gellerup, Aarhus DK  
ReHERB  recycling your herbs
platform for research & experiment

a collaborative project by Lars Henningsen og
Grete Aagaard
IN PROGRESS - more about this project soon!
model og handling for
alternativ værdilogik
Emily Harvey Gallery,
New York 0ct. 2010  
rum46  Biking Vikings
- performance and exhibition
link to:
rum46  Biking Vikings