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water works in - ‘On Sensibility’, Dundee University, Dundee Scotland 2004

The project raise questions regarding power, economical and social issues in contemporary Scotland - and relates to headliners in the current media debate - The text is written with water in front of the mall and city hall in the city centre of Dundee.

Performed several days during the normal working and the malls opening hours

‘Water works’. Performance taking place from 11 o’clock in the morning till 5 o’clock in the evening at Flakhaven –  a big square in front of the city hall and the cathedral, Odense. A text work written with water directly on the ground – disappearing in various tempos depending on wind and weather.
This work is raising questions to parts of the Danish immigration law (especially the law of marriage) which according to UN offends against the rules of human rights.

I.P.F.O - Odense International Performance Festival, DK, 2003.

artillery project

water works in - BAC Barcelona Arte Contemporeano, (Spain) 2001