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GRETE AAGAARD  - visual artist -  lives in Aarhus, Denmark

ART PRACTICE / CURATORIAL PRACTICE: The work of Grete Aagaard is socially and politically motivated. She examine and develop strategies of critical, collaborative and aesthetic character – questioning the use of our common and public spaces. By dealing with an art practise and a strategy based on social/ political engagement, interdisciplinary collaborations and participatory projects she aim to integrate and link her work and curatorial practice to the surrounding society.

Grete Aagaards art practise include both a producing and curatorial approach.

During the last 3 years she has focused on mainly on a few long term projects under NEIGHBOURHOOD REMARKS - a platform that structures a series of cooperative and dialogue based art projects and initiatives such as

Nowy Port Zyje, Gdansk 2014 - 2019

SIGRIDS STUE, Gellerup, Aarhus DK - 2015  ongoing

EDUCATIONGrete Aagaard, Educated at Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam (NL) (1994-1998). Studies in Art History, Culture&Aestetics (1987-1991) and Rhetoric Theory (2001), Aarhus University DK)

MEMBER OFKunstnersamfundet /Artists Society DK,  BKF/ Danish Visual Artists


Grete Aagaard, Educated at Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam (NL) (1994-1998). Studies in Art History, Culture&Aestetics (1987-1991) and Rhetoric Theory,  Aarhus University DK 2001)


Kunstnersamfundet DK/ Artists Society DK



NEIGHBOURHOOD REMARKS mobile platform and frame for:

2015 – ongoing     SIGRIDS STUE – art project and platform in Gellerup, Aarhus DK – a cooperative art project with     international artists, researchers - and local partners / organisations.

2014 - 2018     NOWY PORT Zyje, Gdansk community based art project in public space i co.lab LAZNIA center for     contemporary Art and residents in Nowy Port, Gdansk: prod. of local newspapers, urban furnitures

2010-2012     Notas del Barrio - project in public spaces co.lab with art and cultural institutions Casa Vecina and                  Casa Talavera/ and local residents in the neighborhood La Maerced, Mexico City: production of a      peoples dictionary’, posters and events in the urban space

2011-12            Convicciones - 3 cross-disciplinary co-produced projects in public spaces with a local radio     station, a activist women group and the art space NoLugar, Quito, Ecuador

SPEAK UP! The magazine for manifold remarks and unlike identities. –- Initiated together with Tanja Nellemann

…latest issue 2016: Speak Up no. 6 IN THE HOOD - ongoing series of booklets on artists projects w. children/youth


2000 – 2019 + RUM46  - since 2012 -  co-curator of the exhibition space rum46 , Aarhus DK  Since 2012 a team of 2-3 persons  (current Barbara Katzin, Jeanett Tagara,Grete Aagaard ) has run rum46

annual programs + long term thematic projects - SELECTED PROJECTS LONG TERM PROJECTS:

2017 - 2019 ROOM FOR IMPROVED FUTURES w. co-curator A. Wolodzko, Gdansk and in colaboration w.  Center for                                    contemporary Art Kiev, Ukraine, Imaginary Republic Bergen/Berlin, TradeTestSite, DK, Sigrids Stue, Gellerup

2014 - 2017 Learning Socialites - LÆSERUM + ( hosting Teotetiske Tirsdag, performanceRUM m.fl.)

2013 - 2015 Making Social Realities with Books - co-lab w. Brett Bloom and Det Jyske Kunstakademi / DJ

2010 - 2012‘Offentlighed&Retorik’ og ‘school for non-productive learning’ 

2003 - 2008WORKafFAIR in co-lab w. A. Raithel,  Solidarity UNLIMITED?

        GÆSTEBUD / Feast/Hospitality w. A. Raithel

MUØ-med unge øjne / FRESH EYES 2012 – 2015MUØ – Project leader - art, health and learning. Project made for and in collaboration with children/youth in the neighbouthood -Community House, Tousgårdsladen, Gellerup DK


2019 LAZNIA CCA, Gdansk, Beyond Verbal PASAJ Istanbul/Torget Stockholm/Sigrids Stue Gellerup

2018 RE:Form, Berlin - LAZNIA CCA, Gdansk

2017 LAZNIA CCA, Gdansk - AWA, Aarhus

2016: Istanbul Art and Youth Biennial, (TUR) - LAZNIA CCA, Gdansk (PL),

2015: re_HERB, Aarhus (DK) - OutdoorGallery, Gdansk (PL)

2014: PASAj, Istanbul  (TUR), NoLugar, Quito (EC), bull-mengers, (DK), GyBByg, Mexico City (MX) 

2013: Womens Museum (DK) Research Room, The Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry (DK)

2012: Casa Talavera, Mexico City, (MX) - ALT_cph (DK)

2011: Casa Vecina Mexico City, (MX), Emely Harvey Galley New York, De Paul Museum Chicago, NBKB Berlin, ET4U Nees (DK), The Danish Women Museum - IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT,

2010: 2. World congress of free artists Aarhus Art Building (DK) GALLERIE IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna, (A), 2009: (DK) ‘Locked In’, Casino Luxembourg, (LU), 2008: I Know the World, SMART Project Space Amsterdam (NL) 2008, I Know The World 2, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin (D) 2007: Pedagogical Factory, Hyde Park Art Centre Chicago (USA),

SELECTED TALKS, WORKSHOPS__________Presentation/Talk: 2017 Events as Dissent in Art and Design Activism, org. RUC / AAU, Diskussion/sigrids stue at Seminar om Artist-in-Residence 2016 Talk on the participatory museum, Architect School Aarhus DK, Talk on ‘participation’, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk, 2013-15 Palastine cultural heritage and memories. Workshops/exhibition design for Museums in DK, NL and Palastine. 2012-13 workshops: MUSLIMA-The Danish Women Museum, Internatinal, The Sharjah Museum U.A.E 2014 Hospitality: talk at Laznia Art Center, Gdank Poland, 2013-14 Research Room, Womens Museum (DK) talk. Aarhus University, Art History, AAU, Aarhus Art akademi (DK) 2012/13 MUSLIMA: Workshop Womens Museum, DK+museums in Fr.Emirater, USA, Philipines - nellemann_skou_aagaard

GRANTSWorkgrant Danish Art Foundation/Kunstfonden DK 2018, 2015: Work grant, Danish Art Foundation/Kunstfonden DK 2010: Awarded urban projects (sketch). w, Tanja Nellemann, The Danish Art Foundation / Kunstfonden DK, Work grant, 2009

RESEDENCY____2014-17, Gdansk, Polen 2011 Quito, Ecuador, No Lugar Platform for contemporary Art. 2009/10  Mexico City - PAC and The Danish Art Agency. 2009Istanbul - Aarhus Art Council. 2008 Quito –  . 2007 Chicago, Berlin - The Danish Art Agency and The Danish Embassy