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Workshop with 7. and 8. grade students. Believe your own headliners!

Transforming public media headliners into own texts and local headliners.  

Neighbourhood project in Globus1 - Citizen involvement in Gellerup, Aarhus DK  2008 - 2009

a text-light display-journal placed both inside and outside Globus1. Made in collaboration with artist Tanja Nellemann and local citizens, cultural producers, youngsters, schools and organizations. The project focus on collaboration and ‘storytelling’ based on the residents own productions of poetic texts, remarks and comments mixed with informative texts and venues, events and projects in the area. 

The cultural activity Center/house Globus1 is situated in the multicultural residential area Gellerup in Aarhus, DK.

The ‘running’ light display show aesthetic and poetic texts and presents a general and current info. The light display will function both intern and extern cultural and aesthetic communication

‘More than one side of the same story’ is a ongoing, changeable and involving project and ‘light-newspaper (Danish expression)’ where collaboration, workshops and a long time perspective are creating local commitment.

Original project proposal 2007: poster-globus1.pdf

Meeting and collaboration

Here: with Ulla Bording - project Meyer, Gellerup - on possible collaborationes on text making and info on recycling

In 2013

Collaboration with Sigrids Stue (art initiative based in Gellerup), poets, local web sites, organizations etc.



’Flere sider af samme sag’ blev i 2009/10 forflyttet til en midlertidig lysavis opsat på ’reklamefacaden’ i Århus Midtby – for at give midtbyens borgere og besøgende mulighed for at læse de ’alternative’ ’headlineres’ og se tekster fra og om tiltag i Gellerup, en bydel som ofte betragtes som et isoleret og udskældt boligområde, hvor ’man’ ikke har noget at gøre. (Indgik i udstillingen Direkte Demokrati i forb. m. Kommunalvalget 2009)

IN 2009 /10 the content from the text display was temporarily displaced in the city centre od Aarhus. Passersby and citezens living in the center were given the oppotunity to read the alternative headliners and being updated about events going on in Gellerup - a neigbourhood which often in the public general opion is regarded as a no-go-area

DIREKTE DEMOKRATI,  City Centre, Aarhus 2009 -10


Globus1 Gellerup. DK -


initiated in 2008

The project is being discussed in the published report ‘Kunst i udsatte boligområder’ /Art in ‘ i vulnerable’ residential areas. Institut for fremtidsforskning/Institute for Future Studies - Socialministeriet/Ministry for Social Affairs DK. Report: Kunst i udsatte bolidområder -