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All the things I know - you know  - school for non-productive learning - Installation and presentation of dictionary, sound piece, posters, photos etc

Pedagogical FActory, Hyde Park Artcenter, Chicago 2007

Workshop with poet ORON, Chicago - based on the 100 word dictionary texts were constructed and reconstructed  into poetic descriptions. - now included in the dictionary.

- through a number of interviews workshop and so called ‘pop-ups’ in the streets a local dictionary and a sound piece was constructed. A 100 word dictionary containing definitions, quotes and remarks from the participating peoples own (re)definitions, interpretations of the collected 100 words related to learning, knowledge,. collaborative processes, A sound piece

(4 laut speakers) with manifold voices defining and explaining the works and questions mingle between each other.

The project was carried out in collaboration with educators, social workers, poets, students, philosophers and passers by - all citizens in Hyde Park area.

Quote on the black board:

‘From a pracmatist point of view, to say what is rational for us now to believe may not be true, is simply to say that somebody may come up with a better idea. It is to say that there is always room for improved belief, since new evidence, or new hypotheses,

or a whole new vocabulary, may come along...* Rorty

The project ”All the things we know - School for Non Productive learning” is a school - and a neighbourhood project - focusing on what we have chosen to call “non-productive” learning, human interaction, dialogue, solidarity and social skills. school for non-productive learning’ is based on the idea of a ‘bottom-up’ participatory structure in education, rather than a top-down, closed, mandatory structure? The project focus on construction of identity, and collective (political) (self organized) actions in the city.

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