Speak Up! magasinet for mangfoldige ytringer og uens identiteter /

                                                      the magazine for manifold remarks and unlike identities

Speak Up! is based on collaboration, dialogue and the idea of being a positive ‘counter public’ -  Speak Up! distributed in  public and semi-public spaces and intervene in the flow of ‘other’ journals and lifestyle magazine.The magazine is also presented at exhibitions and fairs. Please scroll down for further general info on the magazine   

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Set Up Tolerance - background for the magazine:
The magazine is a part of the interdisciplinary umbrella project SET UP TOLERANCE. The project is socially and politically-motivated and focus on inter-humanity encounters and significant communal production can contribute to a nuanced view of, for example, the stereotyped opinions we might have of each other. 

We experience a polarised debate on ”us and them” between minorities and majorities both in public media as well as in private forums, which seems distorted in who is being represented and on what terms.
We find that the prevalent media often focuses on individual cases and problematic, creating enemy images which are diligently made use of in the political and populistic manipulation of the population’s/ our perception and experience of its/ourselves and each other. Today the media forms a huge part of the continueing telling and retelling on ourselves and our community. 

Parts of the project will l focus on issues concerning women and representation but in general we deem to create a platform which open for more nuanced expressions and remarks on different and on own terms than the terms offered by the well known media.  We aim to create a common space of remarks and expressions in an interdisciplinary magazine, web site and video production where current social, political issues can be debated and challenged and at the same time respect our different professions and our different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Initiated by Tanja Nellemann & Grete Aagaard

www.setuptolerance.dk http://www.setuptolerance.dkshapeimage_11_link_0

issue no 1 - 2006

fællesskab-genfortæling og genforhandling /              

community -retelling and renegotiating

(tabloid journal - 40 pages - in english and danish)

issue no 2 -2007

naboskab, identitet og sameksistens/neighbourhood,

identity and co-existence/

(tabloid journal - 28 pages -

only in danish)

Issue no 3 - 2008

Better life than bare lifestyle

(glossy magazine - 44 pages -english)

Speak Up Magazine info

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