SET UP TOURS - navigations in the periphery of freedom

Installation, web project

SMART Project Space  Amsterdam, I Know The World, 2008 - curated by

Lise Nellemann, org. Hilde de Bruijn

rum46,  Aarhus DK - ... 2008

C_SAM, The Art Building / Århus Kunstbygning, Minimal portalen  -web projectet POP Up Art -  2007

SparwasserHQ, Berlin (D)  I Know the World 3 - 2007                               In colab. with Tanja Nellemann.


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In the  installation:  a digital text-light display, a shelf for ‘souvenirs’ and pr. material, ‘snow balls’ with text-pieces, an armchair, carpet formed as clouds, a recreated birds house, cut out airplanes...

Set UP Tours - navigations in the perephery of freedom, SparwasserHQ, Berlin 2007

SMART Project space , Amsterdam -    

I Know the World,  2008

Set UP Tours presents alternative ways to navigate the current (and expanding) ‘travel and life style industry’, and comments critically and humorously on concepts such as exotic holiday destinations, the free cosmopolitan life, the ability to navigate in any city - without daily commitments.

The project has been carried out in varied formats: - a web project mirroring and ‘ twisting’ the travel agencies web presentations  - mirroring a travel agencies window presentation in the urban space and finely recreated as a hybrid domestic situation/travel agency in the exhibition space. In this final set up Set UP Tours drag the travel industry and tourist/resident experience into the (semi) private realm, where the viewer becomes the armchair traveller.

SET UP Tours in rum46 2008  


Placentile, M. “Parachuting In: I Know the World” Fuse: Art, Media, Politics. 2008. Vol 31, No. 3. pp 42 – 45

extension of home territories

by Tanja Nellemann & Grete Aagaard

size app. 12x30x25 cm

green bird house, gaffelgren,

choose to have the text written on the gaffelgren

1200 dkr


by Tanja Nellemann & Grete Aagaard

size app. 6 X 11 CM

Snow globe with green folio-text

500 dkr

choose between:

authenticity. home, escape, territories